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meet bootsie

My concerts run the gamut from classical solo recitals and Children’s Concerts to shows including special ensembles, lighting, electronics and a fusion of music. Music is a universal language. I love the quote from the famous children’s author Hans Christian Anderson who said “Where words fail, music speaks.”

As a teacher, I believe that one must master the basic fundamentals in order to make excellent music. My flute studio is open to students from the beginning flutist to the professional. You can choose private or group lessons. In-school programs, masterclasses and seminars are also available.

I look forward to hearing from you. Welcome to my world!


Bootsie K. Mayfield is from a long genealogical line of artists and musicians. One 18 year old female ancestor sang to keep Sherman from burning the family plantation. Another ancestor was the artist and poet laureate for the city of Birmingham, Alabama. Bootsie’s father was a professional jazz trumpet player with his own radio show at the age of 6. Her mother was one of two vocal soloists at Radio City Music Hall during WWII. The other soloist was Doris Day. All of Bootsie’s three siblings played musical instruments and a cousin is now a symphony orchestra conductor directing orchestras in China and the USA.

Bootsie K. Mayfield has been overcoming obstacles since the age of 13 when she developed a rare and debilitating bi-lateral knee disease resulting in 17 knee operations including two complete knee replacements. As a teenager she spent a year in a wheelchair and many other months and years on crutches. Her younger years had been spent dancing, being a majorette in the junior high band, ice skating, boating, skiing and other activities enjoyed by children her age. When, for no apparent reason, her knees began collapsing, her life drastically changed forcing her to be in bed for months at a time. It was during this time that she started playing her flute as a means of comfort and distraction from the pain.

The flute became her companion, her soul mate, and her life line to the outside world. It later became her passion and her life’s work. Through music she shares the flute and all styles of music with her audiences. Through her teaching, she shares her knowledge and her love of music. Through her difficulties, she developed a strong faith as God continued to provide her with the family, doctors, mentors, friends, and teachers who all played pivotal roles in her life, career and accomplishments.

At the age of 16 she was hired as First Flutist for a philharmonic orchestra and also performed professionally as a Sister-Brother Trio consisting of Flute, Oboe, and Piano. As an ensemble, they won many awards and recognition playing concerts, recitals, and various music festivals. Bootsie won scholarships to attend the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music as a high school student where she met and studied with the world renowned flutist and teacher, Robert Cavally. He became her mentor, teaching her how to rebound professionally from multiple surgeries and physical rehabilitation. Through his progressive and developmental approach to teaching, he totally transformed her as a flutist. While Bootsie was in high school, her father, a high school band director, drove 10 hours each way to take her to study with Mr. Cavally in Cincinnati. He would get in the car after the Friday night high school football games, drive all night, sleep all day at the Cavally Mansion, and get back in the car driving all night so he could make it to church in time to direct his church choir. This routine took place once a month throughout all her high school years. Mr. Cavally would teach Bootsie several lessons staggered between his other students. She would practice during the other student’s lessons taking a month’s worth of lessons throughout the day. At age 18, Bootsie entered a local Miss America pageant in hopes of winning additional scholarship money and ended up winning the title. She was a semi-finalist in the Miss Georgia Pageant. As Miss Columbus, she won a convertible, numerous other scholarships and gifts representing her city as a public relations speaker and performer.

Bootsie attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music as an honor student and an auditioned scholarship holder. Because of her knees, she took a number of graduate courses while in undergraduate school where she majored in Flute Performance. Because of her background, she was recruited and hired by Auburn University on a tenure tract position to create and develop the flute program for the Music Department. Additionally, she had other teaching responsibilities such as directing ensembles, teaching basic theory to students in teacher preparation within the University’s Professional School of Education. She also taught all levels of music theory in the music department, and designed and implemented a course where future band directors studied directly with applied music teachers in learning the different instruments. While at Auburn, she brought international recognition to the school through her Flute Festivals featuring Julius Baker, the first flutist of the New York Philharmonic. She founded the first Flute Club in the Southeast bringing in international recognized guests artists for master classes and performances. These artists included Mark Thomas, founder of the National Flute Association, Ransom Wilson, Charles DeLaney, and Tommy Newsom of the NBC Tonight Show. Additionally, she implemented Scholarship Programs, received research grants, and performed at a national level as a concert flutist. She was the youngest full-time faculty member ever hired by Auburn University and she served full time on the faculty for 12 years. She was also the first music faculty member to receive a research grant.

Except for the scars on her knees, Bootsie appears physically normal. As a result of this perception, she has been a victim of discrimination causing her to write and speak on “The Hidden Handicaps.” She went on to receive a Master of Music degree, teach at various colleges and universities, concertize as a flutist, own flute studios in numerous states, receive national and international recognition as a flutist and teacher, develop in-school music programs in public and private schools, raise scholarships, run international festivals, play with world renown musicians and ensembles, publish numerous articles and books, and perform concerts for dignitaries and stars. Recordings featuring her as solo flutist have been sold both nationally and internationally.

Prior to moving to NC, Bootsie resided in Orlando with her husband and four children. In addition to owning her own Private Studio and Contracting and Recording Agency, she performed with the Bach Festival Orchestra, the Orlando Concert Band, numerous ensembles and orchestras and as a soloist in various cities throughout the United States. Today she is in constant demand as a performer and teacher. She currently contracts as a solo flutist with various orchestras and ensembles for concerts, conventions and special events throughout the United States. With the prayers of a lot of people, she has done it all and is truly “The People’s Flutist”.

Enjoy seeing, reading, and listening to the career of Bootsie K. Mayfield.

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