The Cavally Connection

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Robert Cavally - Teacher and Mentor of Bootsie K. Mayfield
All unpublished works left to her for publication
Robert Cavally – “Flutists are not born, they are developed”

  • Internationally recognized as a flutist, teacher, and author
  • Editor of the Flute Forum published by the Armstrong Flute Company
  • Known for his progressive and developmental method of teaching
  • Teachers were Ary van Leeuwen, Marcel Moyse, Phillipe Gaubert
  • Piccolo Soloist with John Philip Sousa,
  • Toured with famous operatic soprano Lily Pons, Performed solos and obligatos with Pearl Besuner and Mary Moore of the New York Metropolitan Opera
  • Orchestra Flutist and Soloist with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra (28 years), Cincinnati Summer Opera, Paris Opera, Dayton Philharmonic, WLW Radio Orchestra, NBC Radio Network and the Armco Band
  • Flutist for Famous Conductors: Toscanini, Fritz Reiner, Eugene Goosen, Thor Johnson, Max Rudolf, Georges Enesco, and Igor Stravinsky
  • Professor of Flute and Woodwind Ensembles, Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music (1938-1979)Professor of Flute, Xavier University
  • Private Studios in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio
  • Over 10 Flute Works dedicated to him
  • Over 50 major works compiled by him and currently in publication – 15 Progressive Method Books, 5 Solo Collections, 7 Ensembles for Flute Choir, and 24 solos.

Robert Cavally was Bootsie K. Mayfield’s teacher throughout high school and college. When she was appointed to the faculty of Auburn University, he was her mentor as she founded and developed the flute program.

When the National Flute Association honored Robert Cavally for his legacy to the Flute World, he selected Bootsie Mayfield to be the Emcee for his recognition ceremony held at the Del Coronado Resort in San Diego, California.

Bootsie was selected as the only flute soloist to perform at his funeral.

Upon his death, Robert Cavally left all his unpublished teaching materials to Bootsie for publication. According to his will and the wishes of his widow, she is the only person who has the legal authorization to publish anything connected with the publications of Robert Cavally.

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Robert Cavally’s Developmental and Progressive Exercises for Flute

Compiled and edited by Bootsie K. Mayfield

“Pedagogical”, “Fundamental”, “Structured”, Educational”, “Inspiring”

Tone Studies – Primer, Book 1, Book 2, Book 3

Velocity Studies – Primer, Book 1, Book 2, Book 3

Scale Studies – Primer, Book 1, Book 2, Book 3

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